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  1. Where Griping Grief the Heart Doth Wound
  2. Come let us sound with melody the praises
  3. In this trembling shadow cast, sacred song for 4 voices & lute (A Pilgrimes Solace)
  4. Like As the Lute Delights
  5. I saw my lady weep, for 2 voices & lute (Second Book of Song)
  6. Rest, Sweet Nymphes (The First Booke of Ayres No. 6)
  7. When to her lute Corinna sings
  8. Music dear solace to my thoughts (The First Booke of Ayres)
  9. I saw my ladye weeping, song for voice with lute & bass viol
  10. If In This Flesh
  11. Come all ye, for voice & lute
  12. Sweet birdes deprive us never, madrigal for 2 voices
  13. Whither runneth my sweet hart (The Second Book of Songs, 1601), for voice & lute
  14. Fly Swift My Thoughts, song for voice & lute
  15. We yet agree, for 2 voices & continuo (The Second Booke of Ayres)
  16. Sorrow, stay, lend true repentant tears, for 2 voices & lute (Second Book of Songs)
  17. As I Walked Forth One Summer's Day
  18. 'Tis late and cold
  19. Charon, oh Charon, for bass voice, treble voice and lute
  20. Come my Daphne come away
  21. Venus and Vulcan ("Vulcan, Vulcan, O Vulcan, my Love!"), for 2 voices & continuo (Musicall Aures and Dialogues, The Second Booke)
  22. Non miri il mio bel sole, madrigal for 2 voices & continuo
  23. Al fonte, al prato
  24. Perchè piangi, pastore?, for 2 voices & continuo
  25. Che Farai, Meliseo? for voice solo
  26. Surge, propera
  27. Odi quel rosignuolo, for voice & continuo in 2 parts (Le musiche, Book 4)
  28. Uccidetemi pur, bella tiranna, for 2 voices & continuo
  29. No, no, ch'io non mi fido, for 2 voices & continuo
  30. Whither runneth my sweetheart
  31. Fayre cruell Nimph
  32. Tell Me, O Love for 2 voices & lute
  33. Who is it that this darke night, song for voice with lute & bass viol
  34. Shut not, sweet breast
  35. A Dialogue on a Kiss
  36. A dialogue betwixt time and a pilgrime: Aged man that moves these fields
  37. Bel Pastor
  38. Da L'Onde del Mio Pianto for voice solo
  39. Dialogo a due, Fileno e Lidia: Amar io to consiglio
  40. Amanti, io vo so dire, for voice & continuo
  41. Dio ti salvi pastor
  42. Bel pastor dal cui bel guardo, dialogue of a nymph & a shepherd for soprano & tenor (from Book 9), SV 168
  43. Intenerite voi
  44. Alla Guerra d'Amore
  45. Vanne, o carta amorosa, for 2 voices & continuo (Musiche a doi voci)
  46. Arie musicali Bk.1 No. 6, A piè della gran croce (Maddalena alla Croce), for solo voice
  47. Spine care e soavi, for 2 voices & continuo (Madrigali concertati a 2, 3 e 4 voci, libro II)
  48. Fortunato cantore, for 2 voices & continuo (Bizzarrie poetiche poste in musica, libro secondo)
  49. Chi vuol haver felice e lieto il core, for 2 voices & continuo, Op. 2/2 (Madrigali concertati, Libro primo)
  50. O come sei gentile, caro augellino, madrigal for 2 sopranos (from Book 7), SV 120
  51. La mia Filli crudel spesso mi fugge, canzonetta (from Le Musiche, Book 2)
  52. Io mi sento morir, for 2 voices & continuo, Op. 2/3 (Madrigali concertati, Libro primo)
  53. Io che del ciel, for voice & continuo (Le musiche, Book 5)
  54. Udite, o selve, for 2 voices & continuo (Madrigali concertati, libro IV, Op. 5)
  55. Fulmina da la bocca, for 2 voices & continuo (Il primo libro di madrigali... concertati, Op. 1)
  56. The Fairy Queen, semi-opera, Z. 629: Hark! Hark! How all things
  57. Celebrate this festival (Birthday Ode for Queen Mary), ode for 5 soloists, double chorus, 2 oboes, 2 trumpets & continuo, Z. 321: Crown the altar, deck the shrine
  58. If music be the food of love, song, Z. 379 (3 settings)
  59. Not all my torments can your pity move, song, Z. 400
  60. The Fairy Queen, semi-opera, Z. 629: O let me weep (The Plaint)
  61. The Indian Queen, semi-opera, Z. 630: I attempt from love's sickness to fly in vain (Rondo)
  62. Olinda in the shades unseen, song, Z. 404
  63. Urge me no more, song, Z. 426
  64. From silent shades and the Elysian groves (Bess of Bedlam), song, Z. 370
  65. Lovely Albina's come ashore, song, Z. 394
  66. Pausanias, the Betrayer of his Country, incidental music, Z. 585: Sweeter than roses
  67. The Tempest, or, The Enchanted Island, semi-opera, Z. 631: Dear pretty youth
  68. When first Amintas sued for a kiss, song, Z. 430
  69. T
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