Eddie My Love ()


Both sides of all six of the singles the Teen Queens did for RPM are contained on this retrospective of material that they cut for Modern between 1955 and 1957, along with five LP-only tracks, a few outtakes, and a brief radio commercial. The Teen Queens are more notable than the usual one-hit wonders: They were among the very few female doo wop groups to make an impact; as such, they could be considered distant forerunners of the girl group sound. This compilation is more interesting than those of many other one-hit ...

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  1. Eddie, My Love
  2. Red Top
  3. All My Love
  4. Billy Boy
  5. Zig Zag
  6. Until the Day I Die
  7. Love Sweet Love
  8. Just Goofed
  9. Rock Everybody
  10. Baby Mine
  11. So All Alone
  12. Teenage Idol
  13. Let's Kiss
  14. Riding
  15. No Other
  16. Rock Everybody
  17. Two Loves and Two Lives
  18. I Miss You
  19. My Heart's Desire
  20. No Other
  21. Mad Lad Koma (Oklahoma City Promotional Spot) (Spoken Word)
  22. Royal Crown Hairdressing Advert (Spoken Word)
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