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Norwegian lutenist Rolf Lislevand's approach to authentic period performance practice might seem like heresy to the orthodox; he asserts that since we cannot know with certainty how a particular piece of early music was originally performed, the modern performers' goal is not to go to all lengths to try to duplicate an "authentic" performance, but to bring all of their skill, study, and insight to the music and create a personally honest interpretation, even if that means relying more on the performers' intuition than on ...

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  1. Ricercare primo
  2. Saltarello, for lute
  3. Piva (from il Libro del Cortegiano)
  4. Petit Jacquet (Terzi) / Quinta pars (Ortiz)
  5. La Perra Mora (El Cancionero de Medinaceli)
  6. Susanne un jour (Terzi) / Recercada settima (Ortiz)
  7. Canon: La Spagna (Milano) / Passamezzo Gaillard (Robinson) / Recercada segunda (Ortiz)
  8. Fantasia que contrahaze la harpa en la manera de Luduvico
  9. Vestiva i colli (Terzi) / Recercada quinta (Ortiz)
  10. Tourdion
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2009, ECM

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