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While the music that came to be termed "salsa" originated in Cuba, Puerto Ricans have been among its strongest supporters. One New York-reared puertoriqueno who soared to the top of the salsa world in the 1950s was timbale player/vibist Tito Puente. Boasting such early Puente gems as "Cual Es La Idea," "Oye Mi Guanguanco" and "Yambecua," the exuberant, infectious Cuban Carnival is essential listening for anyone with even a casual interest in Afro-Cuban music. Many of the players Puente employs in his driving orchestra -- ...

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  1. Elegua Chango
  2. Cuál Es la Idea (What's the Idea)
  3. Pá los Rumberos (For Dancers)
  4. Que Será (What Is It)
  5. Oye Mi Guaguancó (Listen to the Guaguancó)
  6. Yambeque
  7. Happy Cha-Cha-Chá
  8. Mambo Buda
  9. Cha-Cha-Cha de los Pollos (Cha-Cha for Chicks)
  10. Guaguancó Margarito
  11. Cuban Fantasy
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Cuban Carnival
2003, RCA

UPC: 828765310628


Cuban Carnival
1990, BMG

UPC: 078635234923


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