Come to My Garden [Castle] ()


Minnie Riperton's solo debut is in many respects her finest hour -- devoid of the overly syrupy production that hampers her later work, Come to My Garden instead couches her miraculous voice in the elegant arrangements of the great Charles Stepney, striking a perfect balance between romantic melodrama and sensual nuance. Call Stepney's singular approach "chamber soul"--the nimble melodies and insistent grooves swell with orchestral flourishes, while the jazz-inspired rhythms (courtesy of Ramsey Lewis' group) at times evoke ...

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  1. Les Fleur
  2. Completeness
  3. Come to My Garden
  4. Memory Band
  5. Rainy Day in Centerville
  6. Close Your Eyes and Remember
  7. Oh, by the Way
  8. Expecting
  9. Only When I'm Dreaming
  10. Whenever, Wherever
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