Classic Labor Songs from Smithsonian Folkways ()


In the era of the sound bite, when songs are used to hawk everything from shampoo, soap, and cars to wine coolers, dating services, and Viagra, it is easy to lose sight of the more noble utilitarian use songs can have, and this haunting collection of 20th century labor songs calling for fairness, dignity, and a just wage is a compelling document of the power of songs to unite and enable. Drawn from Smithsonian Folkways' vast collection and from Joe Glazer's Collector Records, which in 2006 became a part of the Smithsonian ...

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  1. Joe Hill
  2. Bread and Roses
  3. Casey Jones (Union Scab)
  4. We Shall Not Be Moved/Roll the Union On
  5. Roll the Union On
  6. Cotton Mill Colic
  7. The Mill Was Made of Marble
  8. Aragon Mill
  9. Talking Union
  10. 1913 Massacre
  11. The Preacher and the Slave
  12. Which Side Are You On?/Which Side Are You On?
  13. Hold the Fort
  14. Union Maid
  15. Too Old to Work
  16. Black Lung
  17. Been Rolling So Long
  18. VDT
  19. Automation
  20. I'm Union and I'm Proud
  21. I'm a Union Card
  22. Carpal Tunnel
  23. We Just Come to Work Here, We Don't Come to Die
  24. One Day More
  25. We Do the Work
  26. De Colores
  27. Solidarity Forever
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Classic Labor Songs from Smithsonian Folkways
2006, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings

UPC: 093074016626


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