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Chakra Suite is a reworking of Steven Halpern's debut CD, Spectrum Suite. He has added an ethereal texture to the original set to create an absolutely chilling effect. Halpern has a lot of people fooled; they try to write him off as new age fluff and a Muzak maker. Indeed, some of his more lightweight stuff deserves the brush-off. But when he's on, man, he's on! This simple minimalism is psychoactive and hypnotic. Halpern's reputation as a sound healer is legendary, and this is an extension of that reputation. This CD ...

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  1. 1st Chakra: C
  2. 2nd Chakra: D
  3. 3rd Chakra: E
  4. 4th Chakra: F
  5. 5th Chakra: G
  6. 6th Chakra: A
  7. 7th Chakra: B
  8. Eternally
  9. Chakra Angels
  10. Earthrise
  11. Harmonic Convergence
  12. Rainbows of Life
  13. Ascension
  14. 1st Chakra: C
  15. 2nd Chakra: D
  16. 3rd Chakra: E
  17. 4th Chakra: F
  18. 5th Chakra: G
  19. 6th Chakra: A
  20. 7th Chakra: B
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Chakra Suite
2001, Steven Halpern

UPC: 093791800027


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