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There doesn't appear to be an Elbow consensus: they are their own band; they are the Coldplay it's OK to like; they are the Talk Talk for people who've never heard Talk Talk (or Catherine Wheel); they are somewhere between Supertramp and Superchunk; they are part of a succession of over-introspective, twaddle-peddling British rock bands. They are most of these things -- the positive things, at least -- at various points. On Cast of Thousands, Elbow's second album, the group does deserve to take its rightful place as one of ...

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  1. Ribcage/Garvey]
  2. Fallen Angel/Garvey]
  3. Fugitive Motel/Garvey]
  4. Snooks (Progress Report)/Garvey]
  5. Switching Off/Garvey]
  6. Not a Job/Garvey]
  7. I've Got Your Number/Garvey]
  8. Whisper Grass/Garvey]
  9. Buttons and Zips/Garvey]
  10. Lay Down Your Cross/Garvey]
  11. Crawling With Idiot/Garvey]
  12. Grace Under Pressure/Garvey]
  13. Flying Dream 143/Garvey]
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Cast of Thousands
2004, V2

UPC: 638812716125


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