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Captain Tobias Hume: The Passion of Musick ()

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More Tobias Hume can never be a bad thing. In an age of odd composers -- Carlo Gesualdo was, after all, his almost exact contemporary -- Hume still stands as one of the oddest composers of his time or any other. He was, after all, surely the only composer who spent his life as a mercenary and one of the few composers who died in the poor house. Nevertheless, Hume's music, while no doubt odd, can also be witty, funny, affecting, and even profoundly poignant in the right hands. Unfortunately, Nima Ben David's hands are not ...

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  1. The Souldiers Song, for bass & ensemble
  2. A souldiers Galiard (Poeticall Musicke)
  3. Fain Would I Change That Note for soprano & ensemble
  4. Tobacco, Tobacco, Sing Sweetly for Tobacco!, song for consort (a.k.a. "Tobacco Is Like Love")
  5. M.S. Georges delight (Poeticall Musicke)
  6. Cease Leaden Slumber, the Queens New-yeeres Gift (from Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke)
  7. The Pashion of Musicke. Sir Christopher Hattons choice
  8. What Greater Griefe, for soprano & ensemble (from Captaine Humes Poeticall Musicke)
  9. Captain Hume Lamentation (Poeticall Musicke)
  10. Hark! Hark! (No 10 in Musical Humors)
  11. I Am Falling
  12. Beccus, an Hungarian Lord his delight (No 95 in Musical Humors)
  13. Captaine Humes Pauin (No 46 in Musical Humors)
  14. A Souldiers Resolution, (No 11 in Musical Humors)
  15. Death, for chamber ensemble (No. 12, "Musical Humors")
  16. Life (No 13 in Musical Humors)
  17. A Pauin (No 42 in Musical Humors)
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Captain Tobias Hume: The Passion of Musick
2005, Alpha Productions

UPC: 3760014190612


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