Beat'n Down Yo Block [Bonus Track] ()


After attacking urban radio with his club track and dance craze "Walk It Out," DJ/rapper Unk made the usual mixtape and BET appearances that built up to the big album, but he did it in such an incredibly compressed time that there's every reason to worry his full-length debut is a rushed dud. Beat'n Down Yo Block isn't a dud at all. With plenty of punkish, thuggish street music and a convincing, reverent track devoted to those no longer with us ("Thinking of You"), the album skillfully covers a lot more ground than expected ...

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  1. Intro
  2. Beat'n Down Yo Block
  3. Walk It Out
  4. Coming Down Da Street
  5. Bring It Back
  6. 2 Step
  7. Slow It Up
  8. Don't Make Us
  9. Flatline
  10. Thinking of You
  11. Fresh Dressed
  12. Ayyy
  13. This Is How We Do
  14. Hold on Ho
  15. Smokin' Sticky Sticky
  16. Hit the Dance Floor
  17. Say Yes
  18. Back It Up
  19. Brand New Day
  20. Walk It Out
  21. 2 Step
  22. Walk It Out
  23. 2 Step
  24. 2 Step
  25. 2 Step
  26. Hit the Dance Floor #
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