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Barry Manilow II ()


Barry Manilow II proves a more focused affair than his debut album; he's refined the hallmarks of his style, the arrangements aren't so busy, and he's not trying so hard to show all the genres that he's mastered. "The Two of Us" shows how fast Manilow matured since the debut album; the stripped-down, intimate production suits his lovelorn lyrics. In fact, nearly all the songs cover affairs of the heart, giving the album a thematic unity that it might otherwise lack. "I Want to Be Somebody's Baby" and "Somethin's Comin' Up" ...

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  1. I Want to Be Somebody's Baby
  2. Early Morning Strangers
  3. Mandy
  4. The Two of Us
  5. Something's Comin' Up
  6. It's a Miracle
  7. Avenue C
  8. My Baby Loves Me
  9. Sandra
  10. Home Again
  11. Halfway Over the Hill
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Barry Manilow II
1996, Arista

UPC: 078221894425


Barry Manilow II
1996, Arista

UPC: 078221894449


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