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Ballyhoo ()


Released to coincide with Echo & the Bunnymen's 1997 comeback, the 18-track Ballyhoo is an attempt to assemble a definitive overview of the group's seminal '80s material, yet it falls short of the mark. Ballyhoo essentially replicates the bulk of 1985's Songs to Learn & Sing, adding three tracks from their eponymous 1987 album and their non-LP cover of "People Are Strange." Meanwhile, four songs ("Angels and Devils," "Simple Stuff," "Pride and the Puppet," "Read It in Books") are eliminated in favor of "All That Jazz," ...

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  1. Rescue
  2. Do It Clean
  3. Villiers Terrace
  4. All That Jazz
  5. Over the Wall
  6. A Promise
  7. The Disease
  8. The Back of Love
  9. The Cutter
  10. Never Stop
  11. The Killing Moon
  12. Silver
  13. Seven Seas
  14. Bring on the Dancing Horses
  15. People Are Strange
  16. The Game
  17. Lips Like Sugar
  18. Bedbugs & Ballyhoo
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2003, Warner Elektra Atlantic Corp.

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1998, Korova/WEA International

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