Areito ()


Along with its two predecessors, Ojalá Que Llueva Café (1989) and Bachata Rosa (1991), Areito is one of Juan Luis Guerra's classic albums. From a commercial and critical standpoint, it picked up right where Bachata Rosa left off, spawning another seven hit singles and another outpouring of acclaim. From a stylistic standpoint, however, Areito is far more varied than Bachata Rosa, which interspersed rousing merengues with romantic bachatas. In contrast, Areito features a wide range of Latin music styles, among them merengue ...

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  1. Areito
  2. El Costo de la Vida
  3. Señales de Humo
  4. Ayer
  5. Frío Frío
  6. Rompiendo Fuentes
  7. Mal de Amor
  8. Si Saliera Petroleo
  9. Coronita de Flores
  10. Cuando Te Beso
  11. Cuando Te Beso
  12. Naboria/Caca Mayanimacana
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