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The entertaining animated film Antz gives composers Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell the opportunity to try a little of everything in their score, which may be why there are so many co-compositions and borrowings, whether it's "Guantanamera" set to a dance beat or "Johnny Goes Marching Home" with new lyrics and a new title, "The Antz Go Marching to War." The composers give hints of having listened to Randy Newman's whimsical scores (what do you know, another comparison to A Bug's Life), John Barry's work in the James ...

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  1. Opening Titles-Z's Theme
  2. The Colony
  3. General Mandible
  4. Princess Bala
  5. The Bar
  6. There Is a Better Place...
  7. Guantanamera/6:15 Time to Dance
  8. The Antz Go Marching to War
  9. Weaver and Azteca Flirt
  10. The Death of Barbados
  11. The Antz Marching Band
  12. The Magnifying Glass
  13. Ant Revolution
  14. Mandible and Cutter Plot
  15. The Picnic Table
  16. The Big Shoe
  17. Romance in Insectopia
  18. Back to the Colony
  19. Z to the Rescue
  20. Z's Alive!
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1998, EMI Angel

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1998, EMI Classics

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