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Absencen ()


The dread label post-rock seems to have finally died, but as with all genres, however spuriously named, it's less what one is described as (or would have been) that what one does with the music created. On their fifth album, the members of Kammerflimmer Kollektief sound downright fresh in a rock zeitgeist reset by the Strokes and all that came after -- if anything the role model is often the quieter side of Mogwai circa Rock Action, a blend of the modern epic and a hint of the Old West, but with less specific emphasis on ...

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  1. Lichterloh
  2. Nachtwache, 15. September
  3. Hausen
  4. Equilibrium
  5. Alles Glühen
  6. Shibboleth
  7. Nach Dem Regen
  8. Betäubt
  9. Unstet (Für Jeffrey Lee Pierce)
  10. Matt
  11. Die Vögel Sangen Draußen Ihre Ungereimte Melodie
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2005, Staubgold

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